Villas, castles and parks – envy and the luck not owning too much

A book about the green oasis of stars, artists, script writers and other popular people impressed me a lot. This book gave me inside views about the haven of creativity people, a place where they hide out for a long- or short term. A place were they re-invent themselves or have a break...

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A journey through Northern Ireland – The land of Game of Thrones

The successful TV-series Game of Thrones steps into its 8th and final season. This show shows fictional and fantastic landscapes next to a thrilling story, which put the spectator in this world of „Ice and Fire“. Imposing castles...

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Uga Escapes – High class Boutique-Hotels on Sri Lanka – Part two

In our last article we showed you the Residence by Uga Escapes in the capital of Colombo and the Ulagalla by Uga Escapes in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This time we will...

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Behind the Carpathians – Romania in focus

Romania is an unknown country for my friends and acquaintances. A blind spot for most of us. Even for professionals, who work for the touristic industry do not really know this country between the 24th longitude and the 45th parallel. Maybe some of you know the beaches at the Black Sea, [...]

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