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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group sets new standards for 5-star-hotels

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

54 years ago, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has started a brand-new standard of five-star hotels with their first luxury hotel in Hong Kong. Currently the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, or Mandarin Oriental, manages 44 luxury hotels with over 11.000 hotel rooms in 25 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East. Even Munich, Germany, boasts itself with one of the luxurious hotels of the Southeast Asian hotel chain.

On one hand, the speciality of the Asian hotel group, which has grown into a global active brand that organizes far more than just hotels, such as luxury resorts and residences, lies within subtle yet omnipresent design choices that combine traditional oriental elements with the luxury and convenience of the 21st century. On the other hand, the hotels are famous for state-of-the-art first class services and exclusive locations in large cities, such as Jakarta, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Marrakesh.

This is further underlined by many prominent guests, of which some even became regulars and that have been enjoying the high standards of Mandarin Oriental’s luxury hotels and have had the opportunity to enjoy all the excellent services and first-class spa offers. Members of the Mandarin Oriental Fan Celebrities include the actresses Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren, musician Brian Ferry, author Frederick Forsyth, architect I.M. Pei and actor Morgan Freeman.

© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Sanya
© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Sanya

Mandarin Oriental Fan Club Meeting Geneva 2017

Only a handful of German travel agencies and agents were selected by the Mandarin Oriental Group to be part of the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Fan Club. Some of them being the Euro Lloyd Travel Agencies in and around Stuttgart, which whom beTravel is enjoying a close connection, Giller Reisen in Munich, LCC Ibero International in Frankfurt as well as World in Travel from Hamburg.

Once per year, all Fan Club members from around the world including travel agents, general managers, regional sales managers and regional tour operators meet at one of the Mandarin Oriental hotels to exchange experiences of the past year and set new impulses for the brand. This year’s Fan Club Meeting will take place on the 27th of May at the Mandarin Oriental Geneva, Switzerland.

All invited guests will meet and dine in front of a breath-taking mountain scenery, all the while enjoying five-star-luxury services with classic Swiss charm and the timeless elegance of the hotel’s interior design. The Mandarin Oriental Group has sent some of their general managers from all over the world to participate in this exchange of Fan Club members including, Philippe Leboeuf (Paris), Guenter Gebhard (Bodrum), Gerard Sintes (London) and Mark Bradford (Marrakech).

© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Genf
© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Genf
© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Genf
© Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group: Hotel in Geneva

Timely spread over just two days, the conference rooms will be used to host so-called “working sessions”, during which the latest developments and directions will be discussed and new ideas and solutions from all parts of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will be presented.

Topics that are given the foremost attention this year are – among other important things – the relationship between the hotel chain and their clients, increasing globalization, the newest trends in digitalization, influences from the social media sectors and improvements to the Group’s famous concierge service.

We are looking forward to the latest developments and upcoming changes and are very excited!

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